Gruppi collaborativi online: come valutare interazioni efficaci

Antonio Calvani, Antonio Fini, Marcello Molino, Maria Ranieri


Online training based on small, self-organised groups, in some cases supported by an institutional tutor, can be a strategic solution for lifelong learning. It combines affordability with an active and engaging pedagogical model. The self-management of the groups is a key point as it make possibile to reduce the tutor’s workload: in this way one tutor could monitor more groups and/or engage in longer courses.
But how to evaluate the collaborative work in online groups? Stated that a typical tool for online collaborative work is the threaded web forum, in this paper we propose a quantitative methodology for evaluating effective collaborative interactions. This work is applied to the Moodle add-on module Forum Plus, but it is partially suitable for every threaded web forum.


online collaboration; interaction; web forum

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