CALL FOR PAPERS - Vol.11, n.2, 2015 (May)

Guest Editors Giovanni Bonaiuti, Rossella Santagata

CALL FOR PAPERS - Vol.11, n.3, 2015 (September)

Guest Editors Teresa Roselli, Veronica Rossano

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An International Journal
Edited by: Luigi Colazzo (Univ. of Trento, Italy)

Managing Editor: Nicola Villa

Publish-or-Perish H-Index (September 2014): 15 (based on Publish or Perish)
Scopus-SJR Index (2013): 0.246
Scopus-SNP Index (2013): 0.54

ISSN: (Online) 1971-8829 - (Paper) 1826-6223
Frequency: three issues each year
Copyright ©: Italian e-Learning Association (SIe-L)

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Focus on: Smart, Ubiquitous and Massive Learning Enironments


Je-LKS Editorial Board - Second cover   PDF
Je-LKS Editorial Board - Third cover   PDF
Nicola Villa - In this number 5-6 PDF

Francesco Orciuoli, Giuseppina Rita Mangione, Pier Giuseppe Rossi - Editorial 7-9 PDF


Invited Papers

Pier Giuseppe Rossi, Laura Fedeli - Personalization, adaptivity, attunement 11-24 PDF

Peer Reviewed Papers

Giovannina Albano, Sergio Miranda, Anna Pierri - Personalized Learning in Mathematics

25-42 PDF

Sergio Miranda, Pierluigi Ritrovato - Supporting Learning Object Repository by automatic extraction of metadata

43-54 PDF

Alessandro Fiore, Luca Mainetti, Roberto Vergallo - A different perspective in building tools to collect and share educational resources

55-68 PDF

Antonio Marzano, Achille M. Notti - Eduonto: and ontology for Educational Assessment

69-82 PDF

V Senthil kumaran - mTeacher: a tool for self assessment and providing personalized assistance to m-learners: a framework and evaluation

83-95 PDF

Angelo Gaeta, Matteo Gaeta, Giuseppe Guarino, Sergio Miranda - A smart methodology to improve the story-building process

97-124 PDF

Peer Reviewed Papers - Out of Number

Francisco D. Guillén-Gámez, Iván García-Magariño - A technique for designing glossary activities with facial authentication 125-138 PDF
Raman Raghuveer, BK Tripathy - On demand analysis of learning experiences for adaptive content retrieval in an e-learning environment 139-156 PDF

Peer Reviewed Communications - Out of Number

Giovanna Avellis, Adriana Agrimi, Marco Di Ciano, Gaetano Grasso, Francesco Surico - E-Learning Issues in Education & Training Domain of Apulian Living Labs 157-164 PDF