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There is a growing body of literature that recognizes the importance of the 3D multi-user virtual environments (3DMUVEs) with high relevance for prospective developments and improvements in both distant and in-class education. However, to be accepted on a larger scale by education practitioners more analytical studies are required to evaluate these environments against usability and pedagogical effectiveness criteria. The present paper proposes an automatic in-world monitoring system consisting in scripted tracking objects and Learning Analytics (LA) tools for an experimental 3D virtual campus.
The research was conducted within a transversal study using focus groups from two universities, an engineering and a vocational one. The results highlighted the validity of the automated system and LA tools, which can constitute the ground for more efficient teaching and learning in complex activity-based 3D educational settings.


3D virtual campus tracking system Learning Analytics pedagogical effectiveness OpenSimulator

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Stefan, L., Moldoveanu, F., & Gheorghiu, D. (2016). Evaluating a Mixed-Reality 3D Virtual Campus With Big Data and Learning Analytics: A transversal study. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 12(2).