1. General

  • The paper must be in Word or .ODT format;
  • It must be up to 40.000 characters (spaces included), including abstract (max 250 words) and bibliography;
  • The reference list has to included in the metadata while submitting the paper;
  • Please do not include name, affiliation or other identification of the authors in the body of the text;
  • Please do not include authors in the submitted version (ANONYMOUS PAPERS). Authors and references to authors has to included only in the final paper;
  • Download and carefully read the Document 'How to Write a Paper for Je-LKS';
  • Download the Paper Format file in .DOT and use it to write your paper!
    (Please! DO NOT insert any name, affiliation or other identification of the authors);
  • For the corresponding author (and for all the co-authors), please, carefully insert all the metadata (Name, Family Name, Affiliation, Department, ORCID, etc...). All these data will appear on the online paper! So, it will be your own responsability to insert complete and correct information;

2. Special guidelines

 Please check the following points, before sending the paper:

  • Avoid double spaces;
  • Use Enter key only to change paragraph;
  • Do not  use automatic syllabication, private style-sheets or macro;
  • Put always one space after punctuation marks; do not insert spaces before  punctuation marks, open brackets or close brackets;
  • Limit use of textual citation (max three lines). Use «…» and , in the case of omission [..];
  • Write the following words in this form:  e-learning, e-tutor , online;
  • Avoid inserting URL inside the text. Eventually insert the URL in a footnote or in a little list at the end of the work;
  • Limit use of long lists of points.