Published: Jan 31, 2017

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Filomena Faiella
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Experiential Learning and Knowledge Building in Higher Education: an Application of the Progressive Design Method

Stefano Cacciamani
Read Statistic: 517

A Multimodal Sound Installation for Experiential Learning

Luca Andrea Ludovico, Giorgio Presti, Corrado Saija
Read Statistic: 412

Enhancing Higher Education Students’ XXI Century Skills through Co-writing Activities in Science Teaching

Antonella Poce, Francesco Agrusti, Maria Rosaria Re
Read Statistic: 503

IAM & PNA: from Instructional Design to a Usability Test for Learning. Understanding, Designing and Analysing the Technology Appropriation Process

Maria Denami, Benjamin E. Luft
Read Statistic: 432

A Pedagogical Model to Deconstruct Moving Pictures in Virtual Learning Environments and its Impact on the Self-concept of Postgraduate Students

José António Marques Moreira
Read Statistic: 541

Experiential Learning for teacher training: a case example on language, content and technologies in a Learning Event by eTwinning,

Letizia Cinganotto
Read Statistic: 568

Methodologies and Technologies to support Didactics for Competences. Realization of an Active and Participatory teaching activity in a University Context.

Orlando De Pietro, Maurizio De Rose, Antonella Valenti
Read Statistic: 655

Education Students’ Attitude towards the Use of Gamification for Competencies Development

Amparo Galbis-Córdoba, José Martí-Parreño, Rafael Currás-Pérez
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Adaptive Peer Grading and Formative Assessment

Giovannina Albano, Nicola Capuano, Anna Pierri
Read Statistic: 451

An examination of the Applicability of Biggs' 3P Learning Process Model to Italian University

Massimiliano Barattucci, Stefano Pagliaro, Dario Cafagna, Daniela Bosetto
Read Statistic: 611

Hortari: A Gamification Application for Engaged Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Junar Arciete Landicho, Anghela Perpetua A Dela Cerna, Jeric James G Marapao, Gerwin P Balhin, Rachelle M Paid
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