Vol 8, No 3 (2012)

Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society: Focus on: Computer-mediated Communication and Language Learning

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.20368%2Fje-lks.v8i3

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Second cover PDF
Je-LKS Editorial Board
Third cover PDF
Je-LKS Editorial Board
In this number PDF
Nicola Villa


Editorial PDF
Sarah Guth, Francesca Helm

Invited Papers

Computer-Mediated-Communication and Foreign Language Education PDF
Marta Guarda
A framework for user modeling in QuizMASter PDF
Sima Shabani, Fuhua Lin, Sabine Graf

Peer Reviewed Papers

The SLA 2.0 Hypothesis PDF
Andrea Gobbi
Leadership in multimodal computer-mediated second language communication for reciprocal learning PDF
Paola Leone
A blended practice-enterprise course for language learning in an international business community PDF
Andreas Glombitza
Case study investigation of CMC with young language learners PDF
Brigitte Gruson, Françoise Barnes
Sharing and collaborating between an online community of novice teachers: CMC in language teacher education PDF
Elaine Riordan, Liam Murray
Shared Practices amongst Teachers in Online Training Courses PDF
Antje Neuhoff
Second Life for Virtual Communities in Education: Sharing Teaching Principles? PDF
Maria Bortoluzzi
Open Intercultural Dialogue: educator perspectives PDF
Francesca Helm, Sarah Guth
Social Attitude Recognition in Multimodal Interaction with a Pedagogical Agent PDF
Berardina De Carolis, Stefano Ferilli, Nicole Novielli, Fabio Leuzzi, Fulvio Rotella
A Case Study of Teachers’ Open Educational Practices PDF
Monica Banzato
DELE framework: an innovative sight on didactics for deaf people PDF
Paolo Bottoni, Daniele Capuano, Maria De Marsico, Anna Labella

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