Vol. 15, No 2 (2019)

Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society
Focus on: Educational Robotics: Research and Practices of Robots in Education

Published: Jun 16, 2019

Second Cover

Je-LKS Editorial Board
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The Issue

Nicola Villa
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Veronica Rossano, Rita Francese
Read Statistic: 83

Advanced Programming of Intelligent Social Robots

Donato Malerba, Annalisa Appice, Paolo Buono, Giovanna Castellano, Berardina De Carolis, Marco de Gemmis, Marco Polignano, Veronica Rossano, Lynn Margaret Rudd
Read Statistic: 202

Social Robots in Educational Contexts: Developing an Application in Enactive Didactics

Hagen Lehmann, Pier Giuseppe Rossi
Read Statistic: 218

Social Robots supporting the Inclusion of Unaccompanied Migrant Children: Teaching the Meaning of Culture-Related Gestures

Berardina De Carolis, Giuseppe Palestra, Carla Della Penna, Marco Cianciotta, Antonio Cervelione
Read Statistic: 155

A proposal to act on Theory of Mind by applying robotics and virtual worlds with children with ASD

Valentina Pennazio, Laura Fedeli
Read Statistic: 162

How do pupils perceive educational robotics as a tool to improve their 21st century skills?

Lucio Negrini, Christian Giang
Read Statistic: 213

Learning distributed algorithms by programming robots

Flaminia L. Luccio
Read Statistic: 140

From Tinkering to Thinkering. Tinkering as Critical and Creative Thinking Enhancer

Antonella Poce, Francesca Amenduni, Carlo De Medio
Read Statistic: 246

Engaging parents Involvement in K – 12 Online Learning Settings: Are We Meeting the Needs of Underserved Students?

Tim Chen, Rim C. Wanberg, Elizabeth T. Gouioa, Marcia J. S. Brown, J. C.-Y. Chen, Judy J. Kurt Kraiger
Read Statistic: 479

Designing an effective digital learning environment for teaching English through literature: the learning experience of Bulgarian students

Maria Metodieva Genova
Read Statistic: 214