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This study analyzes the experiences with group electronic portfolios at the University Pablo de Olavide as a strategy of educational innovation to improve teaching-learning process at University. These experiences consist of the use of group e-portfolios inside and outside the classrooms, which were applied by the students to verify the achievements, difficulties, and most relevant evidence in the planning and implementation of a multimedia educational material (MEM) aimed at prevention and social awareness, with emphasis on social groups at risk and social vulnerability. The results, obtained by using a qualitative methodology, support that group e-portfolios improve the capacity of students to work collaboratively, enable an awareness of their own mistakes, facilitate their self-assessment, and provide evidence of their academic progress. Students consider the considerable time and effort needed to implement group e-portfolios as among the limitations of their use.


e-Group-Portfolio experiential learning Higher Education

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Vázquez-Cano, E., López Meneses, E., & Jaén Martínez, A. (2017). The Group e-portfolio to improve Teaching-Learning Process at University. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 13(2).