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This paper deals with the Online Undergraduate Degree in Italian Language and Culture for Foreigners offered by the ICoN-Italian Culture on the Net – Consortium (, established in 1999 by 22 Italian Universi ties, in order to promote the knowledge and appreciat ion of Italian culture and language worldwide, through web based technologies.
The Degree is conducted entirely online. The fundamental instructional materials are teaching modules that deal with a single topic and include supplementary materials (drawn from encyclopaedias, glossary entries, images etc.) and interactive exercises. Most students also participate in a virtual class environment, where activities are prompted and guided by the subject tutor.
This model is rather unique in the field on E-Learning in Italian Universities, not only for its educational and cultural purposes and scope of activities, but also and probably most of all for the amount and quality of instructional materials created and used in the Degree. These materials (several tens of thousand pages in total) constitute not only a huge asset for the promotion and diffusion of Italian language and culture abroad but also a remarkable outcome of the interaction between the knowledge and expertise of academics and researchers in the Member Universities and the needs and challenges of a truly international online learning project.
The final results are and will be measured not only in terms of academic achievements of the students, but also in terms of the creation of e-Learning communities and communities of practice and further educational and cultural developments.

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Baldini, A. E. (2012). I materiali didattici della laurea triennale online «Lingua e cultura italiana» (ICoN - Italian Culture on the Net). Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 1(1).