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The article describes an on-line collaborative learning pattern capable of developing a double process of skills evolution. It concerns the three main dimensions of collaborative learning: the theoretical, methodological and social ones. The benefits and characteristics of the educational strategy are based on consolidated academic methods on the one hand, and on an
empirical field experimentation on the other. The field experimentation is a collaborative learning community composed of students and trainers (academics and professionals) of the Human Resources Training and Management Course ( at the Communication Sciences Faculty, «La Sapienza» University in Rome. The Portic.ol student community realizes the learning pattern and develops an interesting didactic experience for the practitioners. The pattern, based on
a blended approach, allows the balance between face to face learning and on-line learning to take place. The Portic.ol student community’s learning path has been planned by a focused design activity which is based on three things: design usability, develop common practice, and plan sociability.

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Cinti, P., Ragusa, G., Ballone, F., Livigni, L., Nasi, S., & Sciarpa, G. (2012). Portic.ol: a quality oriented University student community. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 1(1).