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The aim of this paper is to propose a scenario-based course model inspired by the «game-book» paradigm in which the learner has the opportunity to choose his/her own adventure. In particular, our aim is to develop a model that provides a mechanism for automatically generating semantically rich feedback to the learner during and at the end of the learning process. To this aim, the system individualizes and analyzes the learner’s personal learning paths, so that immediate feedback is given according to the choices taken.
The feedback algorithm gives indications to the learner about the points in which a presumably incorrect behaviour has been followed. In particular, feedback is provided through an «indicator of quality» which is based on the topology of the graph induced by the scenario-based environment.
We applied our model to the healthcare sector, which is experiencing a phase of considerable growth. In particular, we considered the problem of the waiting lists in Radiology. The course is composed of several scenarios that describe the situation at the current time, the resources available and the performable choices (examples of resources available are the number of surgeons and the quantity of available fi nancial resources, while the choices are mainly related to the number and the level of instruction of surgeons and to the status of the technology). The course implementation is basically complete and a preliminary experimentation will be executed in the near future.

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Beltrami, P., Crescenzi, P., Gensini, G., Innocenti, A., Lippi, P., & Saccone, N. (2012). Automatic feedback generation in scenario-based e-learning with an application to the healthcare sector. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 2(2).