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Nowadays, development of application that support cooperative works has attracted recent attention. Thus, several approaches and methods were proposed to reach this aim. In this context, we propose a new solution to the problem of collective work, that present a result of hybridization of several cooperative approaches, as follows: the non-communicative approach to minimizing the required time to perform a cooperative activity and conflict resolution approach based competency for improving the quality of cooperative works. Therefore, we propose a cooperation framework fault tolerant called CoMAS (Cooperative Multi-Agent System) brings preemption resources to cooperating agents (CA) in case of failure to prevent the blocking and ensure the survival of the system. Moreover, we study the case of cooperative authoring systems for e-learning to examine the behavior of our framework with a cooperative activity. Finally, our cooperation approach provides a generic and extensible solution that covers the whole cycle of a cooperation process.


Cooperative Multi-Agent System Resolution of conflict Competence Authoring System E-learning.

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Belazoui, A., Kazar, O., & Bourekkache, S. (2016). A Cooperative Multi-Agent System for modeling of authoring system in e-learning. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 12(1).