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This work shows an innovative solution in order to enable the predisposition to the mathematics, by using auto-regulation of learning objectives, personalization for obtaining, in such a way, a learning path more compliant to the learner’s needs. In this paper, we focus on an e-learning module, aimed to foster theoretical thinking in facing linear algebra problems. It has been developed assuming an integrated approach that combines structural and operational view of a concept. It consists in interactive and dynamic learning activities, based on the duality process-object, suitably formalised in an appropriate representation of mathematical operational knowledge. The module is available into the e-learning platform IWT where new interactive Learning Activities show the potentiality of the symbolic calculus of the integrated Wolfram Mathematica environment. Due to the given knowledge representation and intelligent features of IWT, these learning activities can be delivered within a personalised learning work, according to the individual pen-ended tasks have been used both to complete and to validate the module.

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Albano, G., Miranda, S., & Pierri, A. (2015). Personalized Learning in Mathematics. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 11(1).