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In this modern era, software projects have been developed by more than one developer that may be on different division or even different organizations. This approach is already known as Join Application Development (JAD). The main problem on JAD is the effectiveness of collaboration and communication between developers. In software engineering, the communication and collaboration can be facilitated through a good project management and IT infrastructure. However, the approach still has challenges in the process of learning and knowledge sharing. For example, how to make sure that the developers have suf cient knowledge on a project. Furthermore, how developers know what they need to learn and what they need to share with the team members. This paper will propose an innovative teaching model for a software engineering education through software engineering education learning process on the organization. Software engineering education learning process will facilitate the developer team to identify, to learn, and to validate the software engineering education that needed to nish a software project. This model will utilize software development lifecycle (SDLC) as a timeline to integrate between learning process and project execution. The proposed model can be bene cial for project manager to make sure that the developers have suf cient knowledge to nish the project effectively.


Software engineering education Learning process e-learning Innovative teaching model

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