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The complexity of the current educational context, that is, the fragmentation of knowledge and the diversity which characterizes the students in our schools requires new competences. One of the answer is certainly to think about personalized path. The personalization of paths is a hard task for the teacher and, thus, the efficacy and also the sustainability of this choice need to be examined. For what concerns sustainability a solution has been provided by the interaction between the educational world and the world of knowledge engineering. The focus on the user, on intelligent systems for personalization, the adaptive and responsive design are proposals that were born with a different objective, but that have opened new perspectives also in the educational context.
Besides, such processes have linked different research fields, the one of education and the one of knowledge engineering, such connection needs a common languages and meanings to be able to produce solutions. The paper is aimed at investigating possible solutions to foster the convergence and the dialogue between the two sectors and wants to verify if the complexity of the current situation is changing the concept itself of personalization.


personalization adaptivity attunement technology

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Rossi, P. G., & Fedeli, L. (2015). Personalization, adaptivity, attunement. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 11(1).