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In this paper we document a six-phase video production process designed to support teachers’ continuous professional development in three disciplinary areas: scientific, linguistic-literary and foreign languages areas. This production has been carried out within the NOP1 - National Operational Programme funded by European structural funds and conducted by INDIRE between 2007 and 2014.The originality of this work lies in the co-research action performed by the team involved (researchers, teachers, instructional designers, video director, etc.) aimed at capturing meaningful professional practices enacted by teachers in their classes for the achievement of a given educational goal.
The documented and exemplified production process can, not only function as a guide for the production of educational videos, but is also strongly characterized by its reflective and meta-reflective functions for Teacher Professional Development or TPD. Several examples of videos are described and referenced in the paper.


educational videos in-service teachers training continuous professional development

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Toci, V., Camizzi, L., Goracci, S., Borgi, R., De Santis, F., Coscia, L., Perrone, F., Cigognini, M. E., & Pettenati, M. C. (2015). Designing, producing and exemplifying videos to support reflection and metacognition for in-service teachers training. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 11(2).