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The present review traces a brief chronological history of the digital collaboration communitarian programs, defined as e-collaboration or e-work by the European Commission. DG Information Society coordinates and manages the research and innovation programs at European level. Its information agency, CORDIS, the role to monitor and to evaluates the best proposals of this sector The Framework Program represents the principal instrument of the DG to test purpose information society policies. Digital collaboration was one of the selected theme within the Work Program over the last few years together with the promotion of an information and technology society from 2002 2006 policies. Some of the projects with innovative transferability features were acknowledged by the DG Information Society as good practices and they will receive a particular attention in the present review to highlight the objectives and activities financed by the European Commission on digital collaboration.

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Mellini, C. (2009). E-collaboration in research projects promoted by the European Commission. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 5(1).