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The widespread use of computing tools and Internet technologies that allow both distance learning and access to large amount of data and information, makes the process of solving a technical/scientific problem, much more realistic, exciting and stimulating than a few years ago, due to lack of appropriate calculation tools. However, usability of information by students and teachers at various levels, seems to be extremely limited, both due to the diversity and fragmentation of the available material, and for the large gap between the different components that should characterize science and, in particular, modern mathematics. KREMM (Knowledge Repository of Mathematical Models) is an e-learning system for the study of mathematics for economics and finance. The purpose of KREMM is to provide a significant aid in educational and pedagogical use of mathematical and statistical techniques in the context of economic and social disciplines, which starting from the creation of material on these issues, comes to propose a complete learning path.


collaborative learning economics finance mathematical models problem solving environment

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Corsaro, S., De Angelis, P. L., Guarracino, M., Marino, Z., Monetti, V., Perla, F., & Zanetti, P. (2009). Kremm: an E-learning System for Mathematical Models Applied to Economics and Finance. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 5(1).