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Many well known international business organizations are interested in virtual worlds considered as a valid support to distance cooperation and training.
This paper describes the Second Life experience, gained by the authors to support the distance training activities proposed by the Competency Centre CC ICT-Sud, in the context of a course focused on showing how virtual worlds support collaborative work. The course was targeted to show
distance collaboration tools and methodologies to company representatives, public administration employees and graduates auditors. The teaching modalities adopted were both of teaching and collaborative types. The latter allowed to experiment with collaborative methodologies that were introduced in the synchronous distance lectures. The results obtained are, in the main, encouraging.


Virtual worlds collaborative learning ccoperative work pair programming

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De Lucia, A., Francese, R., Passero, I., & Tortora, G. (2009). Second Life Technological Transfer to Companies: the case study of the CC ICT- Sud Centre. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 5(3).