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This work reports on the process of integration of the EifFE-L open source e-learning platform within the Eclipse open source development platform, with the aim to create an open framework for both distance education and knowledge management. The fusion of the two environments can lead several advantages: EifFE-L has earned in fexibility having acquired the possibility to take advantage of a powerful and easy to use development environment and has thus be been able to evolve following the ever growing requirements of e-learning; Eclipse has made a further step ahead in the direction of becoming an e-learning tool for the programming languages and for the management of virtual laboratories and simulation environments.


e-learning learning environment open source eclipse web services

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Adorni, G., Coccoli, M., Stanganelli, L., & Maresca, P. (2009). EifFE-L meets ECLIPSE: an integrated open source e-learning environment. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 5(3).