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Elledueò is the social network of the University for Foreigners in Perugia, created with the aim of uniting the international community of teachers of Italian as a Second Language (ISL) via the web. The network, based on a social learning approach, offers them an environment in which everyone shares resources in learning the Italian language and culture.
Elledueò is halfway between a repository and a social network. The added merits of such a tool is the regular use of web technologies by teachers of ISL and the constant interaction in discussing the use of the teaching tools in the network. Elledueò has other users as well - students of Italian as a Foreign Language. In this environment they have the opportunity to come in contact with teaching resources shared by teachers of Italian through which they can undertake an informal type of learning.


social network Italian as a foreign language learning objects informal learning

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Scolastra, F., & Spina, S. (2010). Elledueò: Integrating “formal” and “social” in a language learning environment of Italian as a Second Language. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 6(1).