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Distance learning is benefcial not only to those students who encounter diffculties when attending courses, but also to “weak” individuals such as women, immigrants and prison inmates. This article discusses several aspects of a distance learning programme for the inmates of ICATT in Eboli (SA), which is still being carried out, focusing on both the various institutional actors and the main choices made. These include, in addition to the option of e-learning, the offer of continual learning paths at secondary school and university levels, in line with the average educational rates of the Italian prison population. Finally, the article provides several details about the didactic organisation of the lessons within the online course.


e-learning collaborative learning prison school university

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Arcangeli, B., Diana, P., Di Mieri, F., & Suriano, G. (2010). E-learning in prison: a proposal. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 6(1).