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ScribaLAB is an interactive online platform with free registration at
The project originated in FunTeaching, an interactive web portal, as described in a previous article published in “Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society” edited by Giunti: (...) As a matter of fact, some of the add-ons and individual or collaborative tools, originally designed to support virtual classes in Funteaching, have become so autonomous to demand a new system design inside the portal which has now got an online writing lab both in an English and Italian version: ScribaLAB. It would require a separate paper in all its autonomy. (Pirruccello & Tramontana, 2007).

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Tramontana, G., & Pirruccello, N. S. (2011). ScribaLAB 2.0: an environment for digital writing. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 7(1).