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This paper describes the experience of introducing new technological services within the e-learning activities of the University of Turin, in collaboration with CINECA. Specifically it describes the design choices, the technology implementation and integration of new tools and new types of content with the activities and e-learning platform already in use at the University.
The service L2L (Live to e-Learning) has allowed to meet the University of Turin's need to create educational digital content from lecture recordings with little expenditure of time and costs. Turin was the first university of the CINECA consortium to adopt the L2L solution. The experience of these two years confirms the validity of the service and opens perspectives for further development. L2L allows live lectures to be semi-automatically transformed into e-learning activities ready for publication and delivery through an e-learning platform. It has been realized using a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system based on the open source platform MediaMosa, which has been integrated into Moodle with a special plug-in. The overall architecture is open and modular, allowing both the deployment of different service models and the seamless re-use of digital content in different contexts (e.g.: e-learning platforms, web portals, WebTV).

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Caramagna, M., Giraudo, C., Saccà, A., La Placa, M., Fiumana, F., & Bertazzo, M. (2012). The experience of L2L (Live to e-learning) at the University of Turin. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 8(1).