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One of the most significant problems that a frail elderly person can experience is the development of skin lesions. This problem is particularly important since it can have a serious impact on one’s general health and quality of life. Although it is a significant and frequent problem, in many cases it can be averted by the proper assessment of an individual’s vulnerability and by preventive interventions. For this reason, over the last few years the ULSS 16 of the Veneto Region, with the collaboration of health organizations from neighbouring territories, has promoted a series of training initiatives aimed at raising the awareness of this problem amongst health care professionals working directly with the elderly as part of the local network services. In 2010, as a result of our significant experience with traditional educational approaches, a portal for distance learning on this issue was created. The trial phase of this platform has allowed us to reach over a thousand operators, including doctors, nurses and other professionals working in the social health services. In addition, it was possible to activate a dedicated link to non-professional caregivers (family members/carers). This article illustrates the development phases of the platform, the training content, and the assessment of the system's performance as part of the accreditation of distance learning in the Veneto Region.


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Donato, D., Gallina, P., Baccaglini, U., Giraldi, E., Zorzi, L., Manoni, M. T., & De Waal, P. (2012). S.O.S. Ulcer E-learning: A continuous and integrated distance learning project regarding skin ulcers in the elderly population in Veneto region (Italy). Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 8(1).