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Adult education - like instructive processes involving new generations - shows two important aims: improvement of professional competence and democratic process promotion as basis for a renewed pedagogical relationship between individual and society. Formative paths planned according to the point of view of a new educability are actions of promotion, increasing and development of the individual, of building a new thinkability, both individual and collective, through improvement, change and factivity of learning conditions along the whole life (lifelong learning). This paper refers to an experience of planning, managing, and supplying in blended modality of a course activated at the University of Padua leading to the master degree in “Scholastic planning and project management of educational formative activities” and it intends to describe the theoretical frame of reference, the methodology, the implemented tools, and the overall reached results.


blended learning recursive dialogue individual development collective development multi prospective analysis improvement process

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Cavedoni, T., De Waal, P., & Di Rauso, E. (2012). An integrated learning project in university context: students’ voices. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 8(1).