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The GQM methodology (Basili, 2002) is a top down approach that proceeds from the goals to the metrics of a paradigm of measurement and introduces the advantage to be completely independent from the dominion of application, allowing to get extremely specifi c results for the context in examination.
Once defi ned, the scheme of measurement with the methodology GQM, it must be submitted to a validation in order to check the syntactic and semantics correctness among the various levels of the method. The validation responds to the question: are we building (or has it been built) the correct GQM? The paper shows as the validation of the GQM, used for the comparative evaluation of some bases of and-learning open source, has been conducted.
To the moment the document is constituted of 13 clusters (macro goals), 48 goals, 79 quality focus, 495 questions and 91 metrics. The experimenta is still in progress both at laboratories of e-learning of the DIS of University of Naples Federico II and at DAUIN of polytechnic in Turin.

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Maresca, P., Santiano, G., Fadini, B., & Prinetto, P. (2012). Validation criteria for a GQM plan in e-learning platforms evaluation. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 2(3).