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This work begins with a journey through the fundamentals of design when solving legal problems. A fascinating journey that starts in our mind, by the way in which we prepare it to solve problems and to examine our strengths and weaknesses in problem solving. We will defne the underlying concepts and rules useful in problem solving. Finally, we will describe a few key concepts which are useful to the designer as tools are to a craftsman. We apply these concepts to problem solving in legal matters. We also consider the setting up of a simulation environment in the solution of legal problems by using a very powerful open source environment: Eclipse.


eclipse and prolog environment e-learning environment for problem solving cooperative environment knowledge management problem solving

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Maresca, P., Pascuzzi, G., & Stanganelli, L. (2010). Ecli-Law: A simulated environment for problem solving in the feld of law. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 6(2).