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The Semantic Web seems to offer great opportunities for educational systems aiming to accomplish the AAAL: Anytime, Anywhere, Anybody Learning. In this scenario, two different research projects are here introduced: CADDIE (Content Automated Design & Development Integrated Editor), developed at the DIST of the University of Genoa, and IWT (Intelligent Web Teacher), developed at the DIIMA of the University of Salerno, each of them characterized by the use of ontologies and semantic technologies in order to support instructional design and personalized learning processes. The former aims to develop a learning resources and instructional paths authoring tool based on a logical and abstract annotation model, created with the goal of guaranteeing the fexibility and personalization of instructional design, the reusability of teaching materials and of the related whole knowledge structures. The latter represents an innovative e-learning solution able to support teachers and instructional designers to model educational domains knowledge, users’ competences and preferences by a semantic approach in order to create personalized and contextualized learning activities and to allow users to communicate, to cooperate, to dynamically create new content to deliver and information to share as well as enabling platform for e-learning 2.0.

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Adorni, G., Battigelli, S., Brondo, D., Capuano, N., Coccoli, M., Miranda, S., Orciuoli, F., Stanganelli, L., Sugliano, A. M., & Vivanet, G. (2010). CADDIE and IWT: two different ontology-based approaches to Anytime, Anywhere and Anybody Learning. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 6(2).

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