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Gamification techniques are commonly used in e-learning to enhance the effectiveness of educational activities and the learners’ partaking. In fact, owing to the engagement effect, they can improve learning processes in diverse disciplines, empowering the traditional methods of acquisition of competences and skills. This approach is giving results in informal education activities both in traditional Learning Management Systems and in Massive Open Online Course platforms, mostly based on the consumption of video- lessons. In this context, we describe the gamification-oriented design choices made for the realization of a video-course for the training on the use of office automation software programs. Specifically, we planned the revamping of a course produced in 2012, whose lessons are made by short fictional videos, animated tutorials, and screen captures that show how to perform common operations. The design of the gamification process is following the hype for the launch of the new Star WarsTM, Episode 7, and, as a consequence, will be delivered as “Star Words”. In the paper we present the gamification methodologies adopted to create the first prototype of Star Words, also analyzing the criticisms that emerged.


echnology Enhanced Learning Gamification Serious games Video-course Storytelling

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Coccoli, M., Iacono, S., & Vercelli, G. (2015). Applying gamification techniques to enhance effectiveness of video-lessons. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 11(3).