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This article describes how the fusion of two innovative approaches in education can provide alternative pathways to the learning of academic subjects, including languages. Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) and Phenomenon-based Learning (PhBL) are combined to achieve intended learning outcomes which includes language awareness, attitude change towards language learning, and transversal subject learning. Enabling a form of pragmatic social constructivism, both CLIL and PhBL are heavily identified with types of integrative educational practices common to Finland. Following an introduction to each practice, the article describes the use of this fusion approach with high school students in Mexico where the level of additional language competence is generally low. Acknowledging that there are rarely educational models that can be exported from one country to another, it is argued that the fusion of CLIL and PhBL provides a blueprint that can enable educational innovation to flourish in different contexts.

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Marsh, D., Díaz Pérez, W., & Escárzaga Morales, M. (2019). Enhancing Language Awareness and Competence-building through a Fusion of Phenomenon-based Learning and Content and Language Integration. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 15(1).