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Vol. 15, No. 3 (2019) - Learning Analytics: for a dialogue between teaching practices and educational research

Oct 15, 2019

Dear colleagues, we’re very glad to announce the No. 3, Vol. 15 (2019) of Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society (Je-LKS) is online.   We dedicate the issue of Je-LKS to the memory of our Director, Prof. Luigi Colazzo, that left us suddenly on last September.   This issue, with the Guest Editors Antonio Marzano (University of Salerno, Italy) and Antonella Poce (University Roma TRE, Italy) is titled  “Learning Analytics: for a dialogue between teaching practices and educational research”. In this special issue, we have worked to publish research initiatives related to LA and really in line with its principles, its ideas and its goals.   You can always have free access to our online publications but if you are a paper lover or if you need to share Je-LKS with students or colleagues or simply to make an archive of original printed copies (as: libraries, research groups, authors, ...) please consider to subscribe our Printed Copies service. The subscription of the Printed Copies service will help us to partially face the costs of service.
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Call For Papers, Vol 16, No 1 - 2020 (January)

Aug 27, 2019

Special Issue On

Guest Editors: Mauro Coccoli (University of Genova, Italy), Paolo Maresca (University Federico II, Napoli, Italy) and Andrea Molinari (University of Trento, Italy)

Important dates: Initial manuscripts due November, 30th, 2019