Vol. 17, No 3 (2021)

Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society

Special Issue on "Children and the Digital"

Published: Dec 31, 2021

Second Cover

Read Statistic: 236

Children and the Digital

I-IV Claudia Giudici, Nando Rinaldi
Read Statistic: 390

Digital Mischief

1-4 Roberto Maragliano
Read Statistic: 242

Children as Digital Citizens: insights from classroom research with digital dilemmas

5-7 Carrie James, Emily Weinstein
Read Statistic: 488

Children’s Digital Play during the COVID-19 Pandemic: insights from the Play Observatory

8-17 Kate Cowan, John Potter, Yinka Olusoga, Catherine Bannister, Julia C. Bishop, Michelle Cannon, Valerio Signorelli
Read Statistic: 1370

Digital Sculptors

18-23 Maria Giuseppina Grasselli
Read Statistic: 422

The Hundred Languages of Digital in the Reggio Emilia Approach

24-32 Maddalena Tedeschi, Elena Maccaferri, Annalisa Rabotti
Read Statistic: 876

Creative Learning in STEM: towards the design of an approach between theory and reflective practice

33-42 Maria Xanthoudaki, Amos Blanton
Read Statistic: 1204

Next Stop Perpetual Beta: notes for an ethics of design in digitally augmented learning contexts

43-49 Stefano Moriggi
Read Statistic: 313

Assessing students’ learning of abstract mathematical concepts in a blended learning environment enhanced with a web-based virtual laboratory

50-58 Walid Aboraya
Read Statistic: 783

Online learning in the Jordanian kindergartens during Covid-19 ‏pandemic

59-69 Maha Yousef Abu-Rabba', Ayat Mohaamed Al-Mughrabib, Hamed Mubarak Al-Awidi
Read Statistic: 912

Child Mediation: effective education or conflict stimulation? Adolescents’ child mediation strategies in the context of sharenting and family conflict

70-79 Gaëlle Ouvrein, Karen Verswijvel
Read Statistic: 1329

Impact of online simulators on primary school children’s visual memory development

80-88 Roza Valeeva, Elvira Sabirova, Liliia Latypova
Read Statistic: 463

Adaptive gamification framework to promote computational thinking in 8-13 year olds

89-100 Mayyadah. A. Altaie, Dayang N. A. Jawawi
Read Statistic: 1122

Maintaining bilingualism through technologies: the case of young Russian heritage learners

101-109 Gulnara Sadykova, Liliia Khalitova, Albina Kayumova
Read Statistic: 607

Students’ perception of e-Learning during the Covid Pandemic: a fresh evidence from United Arab Emirates (UAE)

110-118 Anas Abudaqa, Mohd Faiz Hilmi, Hasan AlMujaini , Rashed A. Alzahmi, Gouher Ahmed
Read Statistic: 1398

Adoption of social robots as pedagogical aids for efficient learning of second language vocabulary to children

119-126 Chafik Arar, Abdelouahab Belazoui, Abdelmoutia Telli
Read Statistic: 1466

Distance Educational Links: a qualitative study on the perception of kindergarten teachers

127-134 Luisa Zecca
Read Statistic: 524

The impact of e-Learning during COVID-19 on teaching daily living skills for children with disabilities

135-145 Khawla H. Al-Mamari; Suhail Al-ZOUBI; Bakkar S. Bakkar, Abedalbasit M. Al-Shorman
Read Statistic: 1270

Moving between the boundaries of physical and digital contexts: a case study about a shared project by a group of children

146-154 Eloisa Di Rocco, Jennifer Coe, Federica Selleri, Simona Cavalieri
Read Statistic: 376