Volume 15, No 3 (2019)

Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society
Focus on: Learning Analytics: for a dialogue between teaching practices and educational research

Published: Oct 15, 2019

Second Cover

Read Statistic: 367

In memory of Luigi Colazzo

5-6 Nicola Villa
Read Statistic: 417


7-10 Antonio Marzano, Antonella Poce
Read Statistic: 340

Disciplinary and didactic profiles in the EduOpen network MOOCs

11-27 Bojan Fazlagic, Luciano Cecconi
Read Statistic: 511

The Design of a Learning Analytics Dashboard: EduOpen Mooc platform redefinition procedures

29-47 Anna Dipace, Bojan Fazlagic, Tommaso Minerva
Read Statistic: 1262

Boosting up Data Collection and Analysis to Learning Analytics in Open Online Contexts: an Assessment Methodology

49-59 Marina Marchisio, Sergio Rabellino, Fabio Roman, Matteo Sacchet, Daniela Salusso
Read Statistic: 825

The presence and role of assessment in UNIMORE MOOCs

61-74 Luciano Cecconi, Bojan Fazlagic
Read Statistic: 540

Learning Analytics to improve Formative Assessment strategies

75-88 Alice Barana, Alberto Conte, Cecilia Fissore, Marina Marchisio, Sergio Rabellino
Read Statistic: 1476

Use of Learning Analytics in formative and summative evaluation

89-99 Carlo Palmiero, Luciano Cecconi
Read Statistic: 1272

Learning Analytics to support learners and teachers: the navigation among contents as a model to adopt

101-116 Sergio Miranda, Rosa Vegliante
Read Statistic: 929

How to use assessment data collected through writing activities to identify participants’ Critical Thinking levels

117-133 Maria Rosaria Re, Francesca Amenduni, Carlo De Medio, Mara Valente
Read Statistic: 792

Data management in Learning Analytics: terms and perspectives

135-144 Claudia Bellini, Annamaria De Santis, Katia Sannicandro, Tommaso Minerva
Read Statistic: 1224

Predictive model selection for completion rate in Massive Open Online Courses

145-159 Annamaria De Santis, Katia Sannicandro, Claudia Bellini, Tommaso Minerva
Read Statistic: 629

University Dropout Prediction through Educational Data Mining Techniques: A Systematic Review

161-182 Francesco Agrusti, Gianmarco Bonavolontà, Mauro Mezzini
Read Statistic: 4069

Reflecting A… “Bit”. What Relationship Between Metacognition And ICT?

183-195 Alessia Cadamuro, Elisa Bisagno, Chiara Pecini, Loris Vezzali
Read Statistic: 1062

An agnostic monitoring system for Italian as second language online learning

197-210 Gerardo Fallani, Stefano Penge, Paola Carmelina Piera Tettamanti
Read Statistic: 576

Data-Driven Modeling of Engagement Analytics for Quality Blended Learning

211-225 Nan Yang, Patrizia Ghislandi, Juliana Raffaghelli, Giuseppe Ritella
Read Statistic: 977

User ratings as a predictor of linguistic feedback quality in Question and Answer portals

227-237 Simone Torsani
Read Statistic: 483

A Social Network Analysis approach to a Digital Interactive Storytelling in Mathematics

239-250 Maria Polo, Umberto Dello Iacono, Giuseppe Fiorentino, Anna Pierri
Read Statistic: 996

Learning Analytics - Scientific Description and Heuristic Validation of Languages NLG

251-261 Ritamaria Bucciarelli, Roberto Capone, Francesco Saverio Tortoriello, Marianna Greco, Giulia Savarese, Javier Enriquez
Read Statistic: 615

Learning analytics in online social interactions. The case of a MOOC on ‘language awareness’ promoted by the European Commission

263-286 Letizia Cinganotto, Daniela Cuccurullo
Read Statistic: 746

Improving learning with Augmented Reality: a didactic re-mediation model from Inf@nzia DigiTales 3.6

287-300 Marta De Angelis, Angelo Gaeta, Francesco Orciuoli, Mimmo Parente
Read Statistic: 837

Improving schools’ setting and climate: what role for the National Operative Programme? Some empirical insights from a Learning Analytics perspective

301-318 Rosalba Manna, Samuele Calzone, Rocco Palumbo
Read Statistic: 497

Which Learning Analytics for a socio-constructivist teaching and learning blended experience?

319-329 Nadia Sansone, Donatella Cesareni
Read Statistic: 1231