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Vol 16 No 2 (2020): Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society - Regular Issue N. 2/2020

Volume 16, No 2 (2020)

Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society

Regular Issue

Published: May 23, 2020

Second Cover

Managing Editor
Read Statistic: 52

Bridging researches in Digital Education

Tommaso Minerva
Read Statistic: 115

A full-stack model proposal to willingly implement e-learning at small universities: the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro case

01-08 Carlos Manuel Vaz, Emanuel Peres, Joaquim Sousa, Manuel Cabral dos Santos Reis
Read Statistic: 173

Online Learning Environments enriched with audiovisual technologies and its impact on the construction of virtual communities in Higher Education in prison context

09-16 Sara Dias-Trindade, José António Moreira
Read Statistic: 185

Generation of e-Learning tests with different degree of complexity by combinatorial optimization

17-24 Daniela Ivanova Borissova, Delyan Keremedchiev
Read Statistic: 146

The impact of using virtual reality on student’s motivation for operating systems course learning

25-33 Marwa Ahmad AbdelAziz, Hazem M. ElBakry, Alaa El-Din Mohamed Riad, Mohammad Badr Senouy
Read Statistic: 177

The relationship between self-directed learning and students’ social interaction in online learning environment

34-41 Deddy Lasfeto
Read Statistic: 438

The effect of color use in designing instructional aids on learners’ academic performance

42-50 Nidal Amarin, Amna Al-Saleh Al-Saleh
Read Statistic: 181

How to become an Open Educator?

51-60 Estela Daukšienė, Elena Trepulė, Airina Volungevičienė, Marius Šadauskas, Ulf Ehlers
Read Statistic: 247

A blended learning approach for general chemistry modules using a Moodle platform for first year academic students

61-72 Chiara Schettini, Daniela Amendola, Ido Borsini, Rossana Galassi
Read Statistic: 274

A framework for assessing LMSs e-courses content type compatibility with learning styles dimensions

73-86 Dimitrios Kouis, Konstantinos Kyprianos, Parthena Ermidou, Pamagiotis Kaimakis, Alexandros Koulouris
Read Statistic: 175

Participatory video and digital citizenship: a case-study within an instructional technology course for social educators

87-94 Laura Fedeli
Read Statistic: 191
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