Vol 17 No 2 (2021)

Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society - Regular Issue N. 2/2021

Regular Issue

Published: Dec 15, 2021

Application of peer review in a university course: are students good reviewers?

1-8 Maria Renza Guelfi, Andreas Robert Formiconi, Marta Vannucci, Lorenzo Tofani, Jonida Shtylla, Marco Masoni
Read Statistic: 404

Online classes during Covid-19 pandemic: preparedness and readiness of students and teachers in Pakistan with parents’ experiences

9-20 Farah Naz Makhdum
Read Statistic: 751

Learning from a distance during a pandemic outbreak: Factors affecting students' acceptance of distance learning during school closures due to COVID-19

21-31 Bobby Ardiansyahmiraja, Reny Nadlifatin, Satria Fadil Persada, Yogi Tri Prasetyo, A.A.N Perwira Redi
Read Statistic: 842

Distance – Learning Goes Viral: Redefining the Teaching Boundaries in the Transformative Pedagogy Perspective

32-44 Laura Branchetti, Roberto Capone, Maria Laura Rossi
Read Statistic: 554

From traditional exams to closed-ended quizzes: an exploration towards an effective assessment in mathematics at university level

45-55 Giovannina Albano, Agnese Ilaria Telloni
Read Statistic: 527

COVID-19 Pandemic Endorses New Era of e-learning. Case Study: Hashemite University

56-65 Sahar Idwan, Ebaa Fayyoumi, Haneen Hijazi, Izzeddin Matar
Read Statistic: 478

The impact of online instruction integrated with Brain Based Teaching to EFL Students with Different Motivation Level

66-73 - Rukminingsih, Januarius Mujiyanto, Joko Nurkamto, Rudi Hartono
Read Statistic: 831

The Influence of the Student Team Achievement Division Model on Communication Skills in Economics Subjects

74-84 Nazaruddin Ali Basyah, Marzudi Md Yunus, Irham Fahmi, Zakaria A. Jalil, Zulfadhli Rusli
Read Statistic: 690

The New Normal: Online Classes and Assessments during the COVID-19 Outbreak

85-96 Rizwana Wahid, Oveesa Farooq, Ahtisham Aziz
Read Statistic: 2074

Empirical evidence and research perspectives on the use of didactic video: with a focus on the health professions

97-107 Giovanni Ganino
Read Statistic: 343