If you want to submit a paper for a particular number you must consider at least two months before the new issue, otherwise the paper will be allocated in next issue slot of the peer review process. 

Submission is free, so anyone can send a paper that will be revised according to the journal’s rules.

A post-acceptance pre-publishing fee of 150 euros is required to the authors to cover the editing process and publication in open access format.

Author can use the paper model to follow the Guidelines for Authors.

In case of inadequacy with the formal requirements of the contributions will be rejected without being sent to reviewers.
Je-LKS requires that a paper must follow some characteristics:
• an abstract (maximum 250 words)
• the contribution (maximum 40000 characters including spaces) including, bibliography, tables, pictures, awards, etc..
• the author must include the reference list in the metadata as well as all the metadata related to the authors.

The entire document MUST NOT EXCEED 40,000 characters (including spaces).

Please note: in case of non-compliance with the requirements the job will be rejected.

The paper MUST BE ANONYMOUS, the author's name and affiliation must not appear near the title, in the acknowledgements on the references or their biographical notes.

During submission, use the menu of SECTION to submit your paper in a Special Issue or in the Permanent Call.