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The objective of the present paper is to illustrate, by describing a real case history, the innovative advance, in terms of the design and development of teaching simulations, represented by the use of an authoring tool capable of automating a portion of the process of implementation and the final packaging procedure.
Starting from the establishment of the context of the project, which is helpful when it comes to understanding the nature and complexity of the same, the paper addresses two-faceted questions involving, on the one hand, education and planning, and on the other, engineering and technology. In conclusion, a description is provided of how these two worlds, so distant from each other until now, succeed in collaborating, thanks to the author system


simulation authoring tool

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Costantini, R., Micarelli, S., Sarti, P., & Vergini, C. (2009). Management of teaching simulations with an authoring tool. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 5(2).