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With the realization of the limits which have, so far, influenced the diffusion of E-Learning systems, above all, with regard to its elevated costs but also to its didactic rigidity, the idea has emerged of structuring a flexible system, with limited costs and which, by means of the semi-automatic indexing of teaching units, allows for significant adaptability with regard to the changing cognitive situations of individual students.
The result obtained is edoc®, an E-Learning system with owner technology, which can easily be customised and adapted, and which has a high level of inter-operability with other systems. Its evolution in terms of market application is PeKITA (Personalized Knowledge In The Air) the result of collaboration between the University of Calabria, Siemens Italdata and the Institute of Computational Linguistics at the CNR (the Italian National Research Centre).

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Guarasci, R., Rovella, A., & Vuono, S. (2012). From Edoc® To PeKITA: the evolution of a platform for e-learning and profiling technology. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 1(2).