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The initial teacher training in physics needs the integration of disciplinary skills with teaching/learning aspects in order to construct a contextualized role for instruments and methods. A teaching/learning project promotes personal involvement with the study of the topic and provides the opportunity to reflect at a disciplinary and professional level, in communities of practices.
The initial training in physics for primary school teachers is a challenge, because they do not have a solid disciplinary bases and have difficulty in mastering disciplinary contents and strategies. We offered a plurality of tools, instruments and opportunities for educational activities in informal learning contexts. We implemented web environments with sources for
discussions, and the re-elaboration of different contributions. The supports available for educational planning were multimedial sources for didactic activities, innovative proposals, and experimentation reports. In addition, we designed interactive Learning Objects (LO), usable on web for experiential training blended activities. The LO integrate laboratory experiences with a recollection and reflection on disciplinary knots involved. The trainees re-analysed on the web the graphs, which represent time evolution of quantities,
describing the observed phenomena, and recorded in the classroom. They correlate the involved process and their representation, constructing the formalisation process. The first results show that LO are effective in the construction of contextualized disciplinary competencies.

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Michelini, M., & Stefanel, A. (2012). Materiali e strumenti interattivi in rete telematica per la formazione iniziale in fisica degli insegnanti della scuola primaria. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 1(2).