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At present there is a growing demand for life-long learning and professional
training. On the one hand, it is generally accepted that learning which
is based on practical experience is more effective. On the other hand,
training time that companies can allow has to be reduced to save costs
and permit productivity in a highly competitive world. Therefore, the request
for computer-supported learning is increasing. Moreover, companies want
it to be more efficient, and effective, in terms of providing knowledge and
experience. Yet, to-date, this has been strongly limited by related costs.
There are plenty of studies that show how new technologies may open a new
path to reach the desired aim, in acceptable time at reasonable costs, when
combined with adequate methods. Our research in the field is in line with
such findings. Results achieved during WEBKIT project, the path followed,
and solutions adopted, represent a starting point for application scenarios
that can provide an answer to the above-mentioned growing demand for a
true life-long knowledge acquisition process.

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Fuschi, D. L. (2012). Uso delle tecnologie RFID per un reale Ambient Learning & Training. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 1(3).