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In the Information Society, universities face the need to refocus their
mission to include a greater importance for the role of students (who
become the real protagonists) and a selection of different opportunities
for development.
The Digital Portfolio represents a web-based curricular innovation that
gives the student the opportunity to set measurable learning goals,
integrated development scenarios and to keep track of his/her progress
and study at university.
The main activities for students who decide to implement the Portfolio in
their career are: writing an initial Personal Development Plan, exchanging
feedback and suggestions with peers and tutors, creating a personal
archive of relevant materials and, finally, reflecting on their development
in a Self Reflection Report.
The University of Milano Bicocca, in collaboration with the Free University
of Amsterdam, launched a pilot project this year to experiment the
implementation of the Portfolio with a small group of post-graduate
students in Sociology. The goal is that of identifying precious indications
(best and worst practices) to extend the innovation large-scale

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Dal Fiore, F., & Gui, M. (2012). Digital Portfolio: e-learning come sviluppo personale integrato. Riflessioni sulla sperimentazione in corso all’Università di Milano-Bicocca. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 1(3).