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Healthcare systems produce an enormous amount of data which can be effectively used to reduce the cost of healthcare while improving quality, and supporting prevention and personalization.
This paper begins with an analysis of the basic characteristics of big data in medicine and the development of open data thinking. It goes on to discuss the potential of big data to improve the efficiency and efficacy of personal care while reducing health costs. During the study carried out at ASL Bari, a model for the continuous monitoring of health data was used and some experimental results are presented. Overall, the results provide useful insights into reducing cost and increasing the effectiveness and efficacy of health services. The experience demonstrated the usefulness of big data and data analytics techniques in health care and highlighted some directions for further research.


e-Health Open Data Big Data Data Analytics OLAP

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Mancini, M. (2014). Exploiting Big Data for Improving Healthcare Services. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 10(2).