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Assessing students’ programs by hand constitutes a burdensome task for assistant teachers in computer science course because the number of students and the variability of programs for one problem. So it will be important to support teachers and students in programming initiatives by considering new assessment approaches. In this paper, we propose an automated owchart algorithms scoring system called eAlgo. Recognition of solutions is based on graph matching. Given parameters to the similarity measure, this method called AMAS (Automatic Matching for Algorithmic Solutions) will be able to assess automatically learners’ algorithms based on a prede ned algorithms pre-established by the instructor. The main goal of the proposed method is to help teachers to alleviate the scoring load.


Automatic Assessment Tool Learning and teaching Programming Algorithms Graph matching Similarity

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Aiouni, R., Bey, A., & Bensebaa, T. (2016). An Automated Assessment Tool of Flowchart Programs in Introductory Programming Course using Graph Matching. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 12(2).