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This paper considers important contributions from language teaching and learning literature, so as to identify current challenges and issues related to initial teacher education in the preparation of trainee Primary School teachers to teach English in Primary School. It then examines the role of the English Language Learning-Teaching Methodology Workshops in initial teacher education in the Degree Course in Primary Education at the University of (Place) within the context of this recently instituted degree-course (2011). This is followed by a brief account of the English Language Learning and Teaching Methodology Workshop for the initial cohort (aa. 2011-2016), and the use of reference documents for language teachers (Council of Europe and National Guidelines) as a starting-point for the development of the methodology curriculum within the degree-course. The initial English Language teacher-training gap and a possible way to address the issue follows.
The results of the study identify possible future directions and issues which, at least in the (Place) context, appear to be of major importance. Said issues also have a profound impact on teaching-learning contexts, and, most likely, demand meaningful actions if they are to be resolved in a productive way both for pre- and inservice teachers as well as their learners.


Language Teacher Education and Training curriculum design ITE gap professional lifelong-learning

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Guerin, E. (2018). Initial Teacher Education and Learning English at Primary School in Tuscany: Creative Perspectives, Current Challenges, and Possible Approaches. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 14(2).