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One of the important aspects in the software development process is the knowledge transfer between team members.
This process exhibits some critical points: the knowledge transfer during the project and, after its conclusion, towards other projects and towards other teams and communities.
How this knowledge should be represented, transmitted and reused is still a matter of scientific debate. Something interesting we can draw from observation of how the man has been accustomed to manage it in his recent past to think on how it should happen now, and under the pressure of time and economic constraints.
This article shows an innovative way to represent, manage and transfer knowledge through assets. The aim is to give persistence to the memory of the projects and for this purpose, as a case study, we chose a community project called the Eclipse Italian OTRE (On the Road Eclipse) to show how knowledge can flow more easily through the network of those who work there. The work is the result of cooperation between the University of Naples Federico II and IBM Italy and especially with the Rational brand and the Academic Initiative (Academic, 2012) that is responsible for cooperation with the Italian universities.

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Maresca, P., Stanganelli, L., & Gorga, F. (2012). Assets and intellectual capital management into the ETC project. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 8(2).