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The University of Toronto’s Adaptive Technology Resource Centre (ATRC) conducted a technical audit and user study that examined the support being provided by popular online learning management systems for students with disabilities. Both studies revealed that none of the current systems was
inclusive to all potential learners. What evolved out of the results of these studies was the ATutor Learning Content Management System, which was developed with the guiding philosophy of «accessibility and adaptability» for all. The development team’s initial focus was to develop a system that
was accessible to all potential users regardless of the technologies they might be using to browse the Web. We were also intent on creating a system that would adapt to the learning needs or styles of individual learners, and
providing a teaching environment that could be adapted to the pedagogical preferences of the instructors using it. Lastly, the team focused on making the system highly customizable, so groups using ATutor could easily modify the look and feel of the learning environment. ATutor continues to evolve
and expand. Many related secondary projects are underway to extend its functionality and its community of users is rapidly growing.

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