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In this paper we present the e-learning post-graduate course of Laboratorio di Tecnologie Informatiche (LTI) of the Scuola Interuniversitaria Campana di Specializzazione all’Insegnamento (SICSI) (academic year 2004/2005).
The e-learning model which has been adopted is centred on the social constructivism and on the collaborative learning. The technologies that have been used involve high interactions (hypertext, learning software, simulations) and allow a cooperative and dialogic activity (on-line collaborative environments, forum, shared applications and virtual worlds). The contents of the course include some basic informations on the operating systems and on text editors, together with lessons on multimedia presentations, electronic spreadsheets, web editors and interactive simulations. The lessons hemselves consist in simulations, problem solving, study and practical activities. The course is based on a blended e-learning model with three meetings on presence (the fi rst and the last session and the fi nal exam). In this course the e-learning is meant as an educational strategy that, by using the web as a mean to provide formative contents, develops both the metodologies coming from the social constructivism and a correct use of the ICT for teaching. This is achieved by:
• Asynchronous learning by using the multimedial and interactive contents
available on the on-line course platform.
• Synchronous learning by participating to the live sessions.
• Collaborative learning through the personal contributions in the group

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