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This study explores barriers in computer-mediated communication in a university collaborative learning community, specifically in a community of inquiry (CoI). We analyze the students' perceptions of the obstacles in their online communication, and the evolution of the obstacles over time. We use qualitative and quantitative analysis of the communication. Low levels of barriers are the most common, both in the communications and in the students’ perceptions. There are statistically significant correlations between the different kinds of barriers, and the barriers decrease over time. We conclude that the technical barriers have particular concreteness. This research can be useful to minimize the possible implications of these obstacles for proper development of e-learning.


Communication barriers e-Learning Online community University Students Virtual classrooms

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Gutiérrez-Santiuste, E., Gallego-Arrufat, M.-J., & Simone, A. (2016). Barriers in computer-mediated communication: typology and evolution over time. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 12(1).