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In this research, a gamified assessment was designed considering the theoretical basis and implemented. The dynamics, mechanics and components that Werbach & Hunter (2012) defined for gamification, used in the design process. Eleven undergraduate students participated in the implementation. Learners’ opinions about implementation were collected by questionnaire and focus-group interview. It was found that the design elicited enjoyment, motivation, flow, and learning. Besides it did not cause exam anxiety. Apart from these positive opinions, some learners complained about the visibility of the leader board during assessment and the presence of locked levels. It is believed that this study will serve as a model since it involves a detailed gamified assessment design that is in line with the theoretical foundations and contains various gamification components as avatars, levels, content unlocking, the leader board, achievements, virtual goods, points, teams, and badges.


Gamification Gamified Assessment Gamified Learning.

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Arkün Kocadere, S., & Çağlar, Şeyma. (2015). The design and implementation of a gamified assessment. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 11(3).